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Antifreeze / coolant change

Antifreeze and coolant are technically the same thing but provide a dual benefit for your car, regulating the temperature of your engine. Coolant helps to keep your engine cool in summer, stopping it from overheating. In addition, as engine coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water, it also stops your engine from freezing in extremely cold conditions.

A malfunctioning cooling system could lead to damage of your engine and radiator, proving costly to fix. Changing your antifreeze/engine coolant at Quick Lane Ermelo goes a long way to keeping your car on the road - not just in winter but during the hotter summer months too.

Call in and see us in Ermelo for an antifreeze/coolant check or change. Our highly trained technicians will drain and refill your engine coolant for you and will dispose of the old fluid safely, giving you added peace of mind. There's no appointment necessary at Quick Lane Ermelo but you can also contact us today if you would like more information.


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